A Paul Walker Tribute – by Devin Tyler

November 30, 2013 was a day that just seemed unreal for many car fanatics all around the world. It did not seem real; I did not want it to be true. The man who inspired many of car fanatics, including myself, had his life taken in a tragic car accident.

Although gone too soon, Paul Walker was more than just the face of the Fast and Furious series. Walker intrigued and influenced the car community not only in film but also as a real life car enthusiast. Without Walker, I can truly say the passion I have for the car world today would not be the same.

Paul Walker Mines GTR

2 Fast 2 Furious is my favorite film from the classic series. As funny as it may seem, it inspired me to drive the base lancer I drive now. When I saw O’Conner (Paul Walker) drive the Mitsubishi Evolution VII GSR, my jaw almost dislocated from my face. I remember daydreaming in video games like Need for Speed trying to duplicate the style and driving just as he did. Bought the steering wheel for the game and everything.

Paul Walker 2F2F

What I loved the most was the crossover between the vehicles and music when rapper, Ludacris, and R&B artist, Tyrese Gibson, joined Walker in the film. As a big fan of music, the movie just knew how to grab my interest. From then on out, my passion for everything car related was sparked. Not because of the famous names or the action-filled plot but simply because of the influence Walker’s racing in the film. Knowing the same Brian O’Conner we see in Fast and Furious films is not too far off from Paul Walker.

Paul Walker Tyrese Gibson

With the one year anniversary of Walker’s passing recently, his impact on the car community worldwide can still be felt. A inspiration to some and hero to others, Walker will forever live throughout his classic films and in the hearts of enthusiast everywhere.

Paul Walker GTR

“ The dream is to have it all, who says you cant have your cake and eat it too? Live this life, that life, this life you know? You only live one time, I want to get it all in.” – Paul Walker



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