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Furious 7 | Early Screening | Tribute to Paul Walker [Event Coverage]

Back for it’s seventh movieĀ in the series, Universal Studios and Cupcake Meet brings you coverage for the Fast & Furious 7 premiere in Houston, TX. We were fortunate to work with their marketing group and was honored to cohost an early screening for the Houston metropolitan area. Now I’m not going to lie, but when the first Fast & Furious movie ever came out, I was barely in middle school. I remember frolicking with my […]


Hot Import Nights | NRG Center [Photo Coverage]

Hot Import Nights, also known as HIN, is an internationally known car show that has been around for some time now. The show is exactly how the name sounds. It’s a show with a whole lot to it, and by a whole lot, I mean everything you could think of in one show – Cool cars, models, loud music, bright lights, and a lot of fun..Oh and did I mention models? Every show I’ve spectated […]

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