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A Paul Walker Tribute – by Devin Tyler

November 30, 2013 was a day that just seemed unreal for many car fanatics all around the world. It did not seem real; I did not want it to be true. The man who inspired many of car fanatics, including myself, had his life taken in a tragic car accident. Although gone too soon, Paul Walker was more than just the face of the Fast and Furious series. Walker intrigued and influenced the car community […]


Cupcake Meet Staff Highlight: Richard Dzao

Do you guys remember these?   Or maybe you’ve seen one of these guys from Team Hi-Def. All the above stemmed from the passion of our art director Richard Dzao. Indeed, passion is such a great adjective to describe Richard. I recall our five year anniversary event when Richard shared his story and memory of CCM. The moment his voice started to break, I understood his love for Cupcake Meet as well as his projects. He […]


Cupcake Meet Spotlight: Wide Fenders

When it comes to modding cars, wheels, coilovers, and lip kits are probably the obvious things that come to mind. At CCM20, however, there was a good number of people that went above and beyond with their bodywork and have also modified their fenders. This allows for wider and/or beefier setups for all purposes, whether stance or track. Behold the wide fenders. Here’s a classic example of a popular fender modification: the ZG flares. Though […]

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