Cars and Coffee Austin: June Edition [Photo Coverage]

The second Sunday of every month Austin held their Cars and Coffee celebration at the Oasis on Lake Travis. The area features a huge parking space as well as a variety of makes and models.

One of the few automotive events that you are able to see a Deloreon in all its glory.

lrflyer-27lrflyer-6lrflyer-8lrflyer-10Here’s a De Tomaso Pantera parked couple rows back. Definitely love the sleek exterior body curves that the older models bring.
lrflyer-8-2 lrflyer-9-2 lrflyer-19Laborghinis are always nice to see. This bright orange one from Underground Racing belongs to our friend, Sriyantha. Definitely a crowd gatherer.
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A T-Rex shows up towards the end.
lrflyer-20 lrflyer-21Lastly, I want to end this post with this Shelby 427 Cobra. Definitely one of my favorite at Sunday’s event.
lrflyer-2 lrflyer-4

lrflyer-3 lrflyer-5For more information about Cars and Coffee Austin check out their site here.

As always thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy the photos! Keep on Cupcakin’!

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