Cupcake Meet 22: Operation Finally Home

Back in March we had our 6th Year Anniversary Cupcake Meet at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. Despite the “predicted” stormy weather supporters from all across Texas and the surrounding states showed up for support. We couldn’t have been more blessed from not only the car Gods, but also our dedicated Cupcake Meet supporters.

For me personally, it the event started at 9AM. Set up is always a pain, but my favorite part during set up time is reuniting with my Cupcake Meet family. Many of us live in different cities/states and have very different day jobs. It is during Cupcake Meet event is when we would see each other; sometimes months in between!

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Directly across our venues there were a few different events happening simultaneously. I recalled one of them was a SXSW rock and roll concert. If you ask me 9AM is a bit early to be jamming out to hardcore rock. Hey whateves it’s 5PM somewhere, right?

There was a small sprinkles of rain every now and then, but nothing huge to be concerned with. The forecast predicted a 20-40% chance of participation. My fingers and toes were crossing I kid you not.

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Come start time still no rain, and the sun was starting to creep out and say herro! Opposite from our main lot, the team of Lone Star Drift was out doing their thing. The DJ hasn’t showed up yet, but who needs music when you’re surrounding by roaring engines and screeching tires.

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Come 2PM I had to make a quick gasoline run for our generator was running low on fuel. Upon my return I decided to hang out a bit up at the front gate to catch a glimpse of some awesome cards rolling in.

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Fear that our generator would died soon I headed back with the fuel.

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At around this time was when my stomach reminded me that I still need to each lunch. I head over to one of the food trucks and scoop me up a mean sandwich.

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I am really proud to be apart of the Cupcake Meet family. They showed me that with hard work and dedication ANYTHING is possible! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, and like always thank you for supporting Cupcake Meet!


– Ty N. (@ccm_ty)

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