Furious 7 | Early Screening | Tribute to Paul Walker [Event Coverage]


Back for it’s seventh movie in the series, Universal Studios and Cupcake Meet brings you coverage for the Fast & Furious 7 premiere in Houston, TX. We were fortunate to work with their marketing group and was honored to cohost an early screening for the Houston metropolitan area. Now I’m not going to lie, but when the first Fast & Furious movie ever came out, I was barely in middle school. I remember frolicking with my friends during recess and talking about how we all admired all of the badass cars in the movie like Paul Walker’s Orange Supra. That’s when I knew that the Toyota Supra would be one of my all-time favorite cars. And I’m pretty sure many of you could totally relate to me. It was the beginning of all beginnings for a lot of us in the tuner world no matter what type of car you had – Imports, domestics, euros, exotics. It changed us all.


Apokalypse’s NSEX.

Katie’s Boosted Rocket Bunny-Styled IS..Easily one of my favorite Lexus’ in the Houston area.

Another favorite is Jon Do’s bagged IS on some Custom wheels. More than you can afford, pal. Jk

Here we have Jon’s old s2000 that’s driven by a teammate of his

Ah yes, here is the JDMJEW s2000. Easily one of the cleanest in Texas. Dat paintjob doe.


DSC00033Thomas’ crazy Audi s5 build. This thing is noiiiiiceee.

A wild Bunny has appeared!

Clean bagged VW from Cali Cali.

Anthony’s boosted 350z. A fine example of simple yet clean.

Mmmm TE37’s.

Interesting Gen Coupe!

These Gen Coupes sure are popular! Jeff’s Gen black on black Coupe.

Phamo’s Static 8th Gen civic

Jimmy D’s Godzirra in a custom candy blue

So beauitful.

This awesome G35 belongs to the President of Cupcake Meet. The one and only Tiffany Cupcakin’ Truong. If you ever see this celebrity in the streets of Texas, be sure to say hi to her because she surely is one of the most down to earth and genuine people I’ve been fortunate to meet in my life!

So in all honesty, I was a little teary eyed during the end of the movie when they did the tribute to Paul Walker. Words cannot describe the feelings going through my mind after I watched F&F 7. Even though we’ve only seen Paul Walker on the big screen, he’s still a figure that we can all admire and look up to. He’s definitely been one of the main influential celebrities in this era and has played a big role in why I’ve chose to have cars as my hobby, whether it be through photos or the tuner side of things. Paul will never be forgotten.‪ 

09/12/73 – 11/30/13
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Your local Houstonian signing out. Don’t forget to keep cupcakin’.

-David Yim

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