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Armando’s “Bye Felicia” Subaru WRX STi

During the midst of Cupcake Meet 24, we were able to caught up with Sy P. and Vincent F. and the beautiful S14. The backdrop of the Circuit of the Americas was too magnificent to pass up so Armando and I decided to join with his flawless 2013 Subaru WRX STi in Tiffany Blue! Enjoy the shenanigans and the perfect sunset. As always thank you for dropping by. -Ty N. (@ccm_ty)


Cupcake Meet Spotlight: Wide Fenders

When it comes to modding cars, wheels, coilovers, and lip kits are probably the obvious things that come to mind. At CCM20, however, there was a good number of people that went above and beyond with their bodywork and have also modified their fenders. This allows for wider and/or beefier setups for all purposes, whether stance or track. Behold the wide fenders. Here’s a classic example of a popular fender modification: the ZG flares. Though […]

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